Marchalloakbow is a Maker Project by Masaru OHKUBO since 2015. This website has these contents below. If you are interested, feel free to contact me in the Contact page.

Research ・・・ Research performance & my area of expertise.
Work ・・・・・ Business performance and entrusted development.
Project ・・・・ Marchalloakbow's projects & Enrolled projects.
Hobby ・・・・  About my Hobbies.
Contact ・・・・ Message form and contact information.
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Oct 16th 2016

Dec 29th 2015
Dec 28th 2015
Dec 26th 2015
Dec 26th 2015

Dec 19th 2015

Dec 13th 2015

Mar 16th 2015
Jan 1st 1970
Start making the website again. Some contents uploaded.
Prototype page for mobile was made.
Contact page was edited.
foobar is decreasing.
The contact page was edited. CV and resume were uploaded.
The research page was made. Under construction over a year.
The website was edited. It's been a long time since the last time.
Prototype website opened.
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